Couch Worms 0.75 Released

The new 0.75 version is ready to be played. I fixed a bunch of bugs, and improved performance.

Performance: The blood caused a bunch of performance issues before, later I'm planning to use the particles to create blood splatters on the background. To speed things up I create a blood pool on the beginning of every map, and the blood is being activated and placed to the correct position from there whenever and wherever is needed. This way I can control more firmly how much blood is allowed at a time to be present on the screen, and no more slowdowns from instantiating the instances. 2

New stuff:

  • I created quite a few new levels, and reworked the already existing ones.
  • New textures on the platforms, and there are now backgrounds on every level.
  • Every new map generates a color palette on the start, so it feels like there are more backgrounds than a few, and the plarforms will be modified based on that palette too
  • New type of platforms moving/rotating ones, plus there are these same types with spikes attached to it so it's doubled.
  • Easier control of the worms when the head is below it's own body.

There are a bunch of other small stuff, so it's much more playable than the last version. If you give it a try, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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Version 1 Jun 24, 2019

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